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Standing Alongside Our Students: President Herzog’s TAU Visit

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President Herzog’s Recent Visit Highlighted Our Strong Support and Fostering Environment for Students.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife, Michal Herzog, visited Tel Aviv University yesterday (03/06/24), meeting returning reservist students, international students and leading researchers. The pair – both alumni of TAU’s Buchmann Faculty of Law, were accompanied by the University’s President, Prof. Ariel Porat, and senior University management.  

Returning Reservists on TAU’s Support Sytem

The visit included a meeting and discussion with the reservist students about their experiences, challenges, and assistance with returning to studies. All the students, who have returned to their studies from up to 140 days in IDF reserve duty, spoke of difficulties in readjusting to civilian life: “One week you’re in Khan Younis, and the next week you’re in the classroom – it’s hard to find the inner quiet and concentration to sit still and do the work,” said one.   With that, the students acknowledged the goodwill, accommodations, and academic and financial support given by the University to students transitioning from army service to coursework and exams. For example, one student said he was moved by the fact that the first three calls he received on the morning of Oct. 7 to see if he was OK were from professors and counselors at the University; and another student said that the tuition grants TAU allocated to all reservists significantly helped with his financial hardship.   President Herzog’s thanked the reservist students for their brave service and asked them to now try and return to normal life, developing their brains and talent, getting their degrees and changing the world.   President Herzog and The First Lady, Michal Herzog, Shaking hands with TAU students.   The Herzogs then met with TAU Lowy International School students, many of whom are part of the student task force battling anti-Israel disinformation on social media.   Additionally, the President and his wife toured the lab of Dr. Tali Ilovitsh, who develops innovative ultrasound technology that destroys cancer cells without surgical intervention, and the lab of Prof. Ben Maoz, who develops “organ-on-a-chip” technologies for regenerative medicine and drug testing. Both labs are in TAU’s Samueli Engineering Building at The Fleischman Faculty of Engineering.   The President and the First Lady visiting Dr. Ilovitsh’s lab.   President Isaac Herzog and Michal Herzog’s visit to Tel Aviv University showcased the profound support for students at TAU, bridging the gap between military service and academic pursuits. Their interaction underscored TAU’s commitment to empowering students to overcome their challenges and thrive. Together, they symbolized the enduring partnership between education and national service, inspiring a brighter future for all.

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