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Welcome to the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University!

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The role of the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) is to serve as a dynamic bridge between two inspired communities — Australian and Israeli.

AFTAU is a group committed to the nurturing of higher education, as well as the development of some of Israel’s best minds.  For over four decades we have enthusiastically pursued the advancement of TAU in the world by raising money, awareness and influence.

In this way we can support Tel Aviv University’s vital role in changing lives that change the world.

What does AFTAU do?

Throughout the year and country, we offer a stimulating variety of cultural, social and educational activities: special briefings, international conferences, intimate get-togethers and more formal events.  As an Australian Friend, you have access to some of the best leaders and thinkers from all over the world.

As part of a global network of Friends’ associations, what we do includes:

      • Raising awareness by publicising the University’s achievements and advancements in research, technology, humanities and innovation;

      • Facilitating and strengthening academic and research partnerships, co-operation and collaborative ties with a variety of academic and scientific institutions in Australia and Israel;

      • Creating scholarships to support learning and research, cultivate student and faculty exchanges and recruit Australian students to participate in the TAU International Program;

      • Development and signing of new research collaboration agreements with Australian businesses and Tel Aviv University;

      • Raising critical funds for the University to assist its educational and research goals and long-term development plans;

      • Adding value to the local Australian Friends communities.

AFTAU’s activities support a large variety of projects at TAU

Traditionally, we have provided scholarships for financially underprivileged Israeli students from all backgrounds, including new immigrants and IDF Reservists.

We still do, but our activities have spread to encompass:

  • Australian students looking to study in Israel.
  • Direct support of research, both within TAU as well as collaborative research between TAU and Universities here. The AFTAM program with Monash University, was the first such endeavour.
  • Purchases of new laboratory equipment at TAU such as mass spectrometers.
  • Contributions towards capital projects.

AFTAU is a dynamic organisation which:

  • Represents Tel Aviv University (TAU) here in Australia.

  • Is involved in the promotion and increasing public awareness of TAU.

  • Promotes increasing liaison and cooperation, by way of education and cooperative research and scientific and cultural exchange between TAU and Australian Universities and other educational institutions, Government, and private industry.

  • Raises funds for TAU.

About Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University (TAU) – Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning – is home to over 30,000 students studying in nine faculties and over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and the arts. 

Situated in Israel’s cultural, financial and technological capital, TAU shares Tel Aviv’s unshakable spirit of openness and innovation – and boasts a campus life as dynamic and pluralistic as the metropolis itself. Tel Aviv the city and Tel Aviv the university are one and the same – a thriving Mediterranean center of diversity and discovery.

Consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world in terms of scientific citations and among the top 100 universities internationally, Tel Aviv University is also Israel’s first choice for students, and its graduates are the most sought after by Israeli companies. Global in outlook and impact, TAU advances teaching and research that break down the walls between disciplines, striving to address the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges through bold, interdisciplinary solutions.

TAU Publications

TAU Reviews

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  • 2018 special

  • 2017

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Tel Aviv University – Annual Reports

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  • 2016

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Our Chapters


Tok Corporate Centre, Level 1,
459 Toorak Road, Toorak VIC 3142
Phone: +61 3 9296 2065
Email: [email protected]

New South Wales

Level 22, Westfield Tower 2, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Phone: +61 418 465 556
Email: [email protected]

Western Australia

P O Box 36, Claremont, WA  6010
Phone: :+61 411 223 550
Email: [email protected]

Leadership & Team:


    • Roger Mendelson (PRESIDENT)
      Roger Mendelson (PRESIDENT)

      Roger is married to Sue, has 3 adult children and 5 young grandchildren.

      He was educated at Wesley and Monash University, became a lawyer, worked in Oxford for 3 years, been a commercial partner in a Melbourne law firm and established Prushka Fast Debt Recovery in 1977, which he is CEO of as well as principal of Mendelsons Lawyers . He was on the board of TBI for 1 year and then became president for 3 years. He was a vice president of Progressive Judaism Victoria and ultimately president of Union for Progressive Judaism for 4 years. He has been chair of Progressive Jewish Cultural Fund for 5 years.

      Roger joined the executive of AFTAU and is now Deputy President

    • Marshall Segan (DEPUTY PRESIDENT)
      Marshall Segan (DEPUTY PRESIDENT)

      Marshall has developed a wide range of business and organisational skills dating back to his days as a Sports administrator and junior state championship coach for the Nunawading Spectres a founding club of the Australian National Basketball League.

      He currently focuses on Property Investment & management and assists SME businesses with a range of strategic planning and succession issues.  He describes some of his interests as “ business strategist”. 

      Marshall enjoys his role assisting the President and Board for the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University.

    • Dr. Harry Perelberg (VICE PRESIDENT)
      Dr. Harry Perelberg (VICE PRESIDENT)

      Harry is a GP with a long standing commitment to the causes of TAU and

      is currently Vice President of AFTAU. He has been involved with Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University for 25 years and his father before him. He was President of AFTAU from 1999 -2001.

    • Gabor Ujvari (TREASURER)
      Gabor Ujvari (TREASURER)

      Gabor has over four decades of experience in electrical, electronic and telecommunication systems as a Test Engineer and Sales & Marketing Engineer.
      He worked for major corporations in Sweden and Australia and conducted business on behalf of NEC Corporation in the Australia - Pacific region, in Africa and Asia. Currently Gabor markets electronic components and modules on behalf of QuadRep Marketing (S) Pte Ltd in Australia and New Zealand with a local company QuadRep Technology Australia.



    • Rebecca Silk (SECRETARY)
    • Alex Bahar-Fuchs, PhD
      Alex Bahar-Fuchs, PhD

      Alex is a researcher and clinical neuropsychologist specialising in the field of cognitive ageing, and the co-leader of the CITE research group in the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Melbourne. His earlier research focused on early detection of cognitive decline and dementia, and over the past decade mainly on the development and evaluation of non-pharmacological interventions aimed at primary and secondary prevention of cognitive decline and dementia.

      Alex’s research contributions have been recognised in the form of several awards, including a Churchill Fellowship, Alzheimer’s Australia Fellowship, and two consecutive Fellowships from the National Health and Medical Research Council. In January 2017, Alex Joined the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age at the University of Melbourne and he continues working as a clinician in private practice. 


    • Keith Beville
      Keith Beville

      Keith graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne in 1956. He served part time in the Australian Citizen Military Forces for ten years retiring with the rank of Captain. Keith joined the family retail business in 1957, and became director in 1961. After forty years as CEO he retired in 2014. In 1955 Keith was instrumental in founding the young leadership groups at the  United Israel Appeal (Keren Hayesod) Victoria and became a key member of the Executive. In the 1950’s and 1960’s Keith served as a district JNF Blue Box chairman. He was also Treasurer of the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies during Isi Leibler’s presidency. Keith was elected as Chairman of UIA Victoria in 1973 and in 1980 he became President.

      Keith was elected a Governor of the Jewish Agency in 1982 where he held portfolios of chairman of the budget and finance committee for the Youth Aliya and the Communications committee.  During the late Ron Krongold’s term as President of Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University Keith and Deirdre became regular contributors and provided their home for various functions. Keith worked alongside Meir Buber at the UIA during his leadership.

      Keith is currently involved in the leadership of the Australian Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) lead by Marc Leibler and Colin Rubinstein.

    • Ros Kushinsky
      Ros Kushinsky

      Ros’s parents, Adam (zl) and Ida (zl) Frydman, Holocaust survivors, had a passion for education and Israel.  Their encouragement and support helped Ros achieve a long career in science, in several disciplines. Adam’s long time tendencies to volunteer onto Committees led him and Ida to be part of the original group of interested and dedicated people who set up the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University. Adam became formally a Committee member and later an External Governor of TAU, Ida was on the Committee ‘by marriage’ and their involvement lasted until her father passed away in 2009.  Apart from Committee business, raised funds for specific projects such as scholarships, as well as encouraging and securing large donations towards buildings, and hosting TAU emissaries to Melbourne.

      After the AFTAU Oration in Honour of her parents was held in April 2013, Ros was delighted to be asked to join the Committee and later was extremely honoured and humbled to be nominated for, and accepted to, the TAU External Board of Governors, thus continuing her Parents’ legacy with the University.

      Attending the Board of Governors Meetings and the associated meetings of the Student Welfare, the Building and Maintenance, and the Finance Committees, has given Ros an insight into many of the vast achievements and complexity of this large and vibrant University, its faculty and its students and to contribute to the discussions in these Committees. Even during the time of COVID-19, Zoom meetings of these and other Committees have occurred.

      Ros has been particularly moved by meeting with undergraduate students of TAU,  who have been helped by grants from scholarship funds raised by AFTAU over the years, and by hearing about the many innovative programs, conducted by TAU to support students from all sectors of the Israeli population to succeed in their studies and to take part in social contributions to Israeli society, during their study.

      Ros’s involvement in the AFTAU Committee, now so ably led by our President Rosie Potaznik, has helped her to contribute to fundraising for and promoting the University in Australia, as well as participating more directly in the University itself.  She hopes to be able to continue doing so for many years to come.

    • Daniel Leighton
      Daniel Leighton

      Daniel brings broad experience from the government and community sectors. Currently an executive in a Commonwealth government agency, he has worked in multiple community support organisations including seven years as a manager and General Manager with Jewish Care. Daniel is passionate about the impact of community organisations and has volunteered with many organisations including serving on the board of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation and as the chair of the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation. He and his wife Fiona have two children and a sometimes well-behaved labradoodle. 


    • Marcelo Maghidman
      Marcelo Maghidman

      Marcelo is currently MSW course coordinator, unit co-coordinator, lecturer and researcher in the Social Work Department, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

      Marcelo has been an academic, consultant and counsellor for over 20 years. His Master Dissertation has been awarded a grant and published in Brazil. Marcelo has 5 other books published in the fields of Philosophy and Education, and also has produced a video-documentary on Education. Marcelo runs a successful private practice for more than two decades dedicated to mental health, existential/career counselling, and family issues. Marcelo holds special interest in ageing, drug and alcohol, and counselling skills education particularly through simulations.

      Prior to his position at Monash University, he worked at Monash Health Drug & Alcohol service (SECADA) and NEAMI National Youth Residential Services. Marcelo is a volunteer in the aged care sector for over 25 years. Prior to his arrival to Australia, Marcelo has served as Vice-President of Brazilian Friends of TAU and one of its executive board members for a number of years.

    • Tami Olsha
      Tami Olsha

      Tami joined the AFTAU committee as secretary in the early 80’s. Tami and Rick’s home was the official “office” of the Friends of the Tel Aviv University, and she was involved in interesting lectures, wonderful events, and many highlights.

      Tami always looked forward to attending the Annual Board of Governors meetings held in Israel where one saw the great developments at the TAU Campus, and met with the students and astounding researchers at the University. Her fondest memories are attending the presentation ceremonies of the Honorary Doctorate to her dear friends Ron Krongold z”l and Alan Selwyn z”l and many others. It was a privilege to be in the company of some of the world’s greatest minds and to attend spectacular performances and lectures, particularly the recipients of the Dan David Prize.

    • Rosie Potaznik
      Rosie Potaznik

      Rosie Potaznik attended the inauguration for the Buchmann Faculty of Law 25 years ago which was particularly special as her grandparents Eliezer and Chaya Buchmann, who lost their lives in the Holocaust were memoralised with a magnificent plaque at the entrance.

      This honour gave Rosie the incentive to attend the Board of Governors meeting from 1994 and her passionate involvement with AFTAU followed. She was elected as a member of the Board of Governors at Tel Aviv University in May 2010.

      Rosie was educated at Mount Scopus College. She studied Science and Psychology (Honours) and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Social Work in 1977.

      Rosie worked as a psychiatric social worker at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science in Melbourne. In July 1982 she delivered a paper on the Australian Perspective to Adoption at the International Child Psychiatry Conference in Dublin.

       In 1983, Rosie wrote and published a book ‘Understanding Adoption ‘. The laws had changed at that time and the book was the first to explore adoptees’ search for their biological parents.

      In 2006 Rosie Potaznik became a graduate of the inaugural Experience Bank Program, an initiative in community leadership .

      Her communal experience lead to her voluntary involvement with the Jewish National Fund of Victoria which spanned over 14 years, during which she was Vice President for 8 years. Rosie’s highlight was organising walking tours and programs in the Negev and the North Galilee which focussed on water and environmental issues.


    • PATRONS (click to view)
      • Mark Leibler AC
    • PAST PRESIDENTS (click to view)
      • Isaac Roseby z”l
      • The Hon. Walter Jona AM z”l
      • The Hon. Howard Nathan QC
      • Abe Monester QC
      • Dr. Harry Perelberg
      • Ron Krongold z”l
      • Vivien Zimmet
      • Dr. Victor Wayne
      • Rosie Potaznik

    • Jenny Hillman (PRESIDENT)

      Jenny Hilman was appointed as President of Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University NSW in December 2018 having spent 5 years involved on the executive committee.

      After graduating with a BA from Sydney University, Jenny was headhunted by Clive Evatt at Hogarth Gallery , leading to her active involvement in the Arts and successful career in various businesses.

      Jenny established a manufacturing business, once sold, led to a career in Investment Banking and  the opportunity to join Ipoh Gardens & OSW in a joint venture. This spanned a twelve year period and saw her participation in many aspects of construction and fit out of World Square, Sydney.

      Jenny and her business partner worked for many years with the key developers in Sydney, including Harry Triguboff , Director of Meriton amongst others.

      During this time Jenny was also invited to curate the Shalom Gamarada annual art exhibition which raised funds for Indigenous student scholarships to study at UNSW. She visited remote communities selecting artworks each year which were sold to benefit the Indigenous communities as well as The Shalom Gamarada Scholarship Fund. Currently there are up to 30 Indigenous students studying Medicine and other degrees at UNSW. This is an enormous effort by the Sydney Jewish community to help make a difference to Indigenous outcomes.

      Jenny was also invited to join the Boards of The Blake Prize (for spiritual art) established by a Jewish benefactor, and The State Zionist Council which supports Jewish students visiting Israel as well as holding important communal functions such as Yom Ha'atzmaut and Yom Hazikaron. 

      Jenny’s involvement with AFTAU NSW represents her ongoing commitment to Israel and her passion to involve the Sydney Jewish community in supporting this great institution.

      Phone: +61 410 648 859

    • Executive Members

    • Clive Donner (PRESIDENT)

      Education: B Com (University of Natal South Africa 1979)

      Business Interests and career:

      Investment Banking and Private Equity career spanning 40 years in Australia and offshore.

      LinQ Group 2005-Current  

      LinQ Group is Clive's privately owned business. Key activities include:

      • Private Equity;
      • Investment banking;
      • Property development;
      • Tech advisory and principle investing

      Founded, managed and built 2 private equity vehicles: Golden Arrow Funds in 1997 (7-year closed end fund); LinQ Resources Fund in 2005 (Listed fund on ASX); Subsequently sold out his Private Equity interests in 2013 to Chinese buyers.
      Co-founded 2 Property Development funds in 2015/2016 consisting of the development and sale of 2 residential apartment buildings (total of 250 apartments) in Australia. 

       NM Rothschild & Sons (Australia) 1990-2004

      Director of various Rothschild entities including: Executive Director of the main Rothschild Australian Group entity - NM Rothschild & Sons (Australia) Limited;
      Executive Director of various Rothschild Australia Private Equity companies;
      Head of Rothschilds debt financing business in in Western Australia;
      Founded and ran Rothschild Australia’s first Private Equity Fund in the mining sector;
      Responsible for Perth Office.

       Citibank South Africa and Citibank Australia 1980-1989

      Responsible for building the debt financing business in Citibank’s offices in Johannesburg and Perth. 

      Relevant Philanthropy and Jewish interests 

      • Past Director of Perth Hebrew Congregation - main Orthodox Synagogue in Perth;
      • United Israel Appeal Board of Governors and Major Donor since 2006;
      • Newly elected President of Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) chapter in Western Australia and the inaugural establishment of this new Chapter in 2018 with primary focus on:
      • raising awareness of Tel Aviv University (TAU) to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences and hosting various Israeli business leaders in Perth;
      • sourcing donations and student scholarships for TAU;
      • sourcing corporate partnerships to collaborate with TAU on areas of interest; 
      • Building and expanding academic collaboration with local universities and TAU;
      • Finance committee membership for Maurice Zeffert (Inc) old age home in 2018
      • Board of Governors of AFTAU since 2019
      • Founded the formation of the Federal AFTAU entity: Australian AFTAU Pty Ltd in 2020

      Phone: +61411223550

      Email: [email protected]

      Web address:

    • Executive Members

      Melanie Greenfeld
      Peter Leedman
      Geoff Morris


    • David Solomon – (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER)

      David brings a diverse background to the role of CEO for Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University.

      He feels a tremendous alignment with the Tel Aviv University objectives of pursuing the next big idea, the next challenge, the next mystery that will advance human knowledge and improve all our lives. And equally, helping to serve as a dynamic bridge between two inspired communities — Australian and Israeli.

      From a business perspective he is a start-up strategist with experience in roles covering directorship, business management, strategic and operational consulting, business coaching, mentoring, leadership, executive search and not-for profits. This includes 15 years consulting & coaching to entrepreneurs and corporates and launching several successful start-ups. Prior experience in international executive search and running a Human Resources outsourcing business.

      The last 6 years have been focussed primarily in the not-for-profit sector with a particular specialisation in philanthropy. Relevant career roles include:

      • Australian Red Cross Society – National Philanthropy Executive
      • Jewish House Limited – Organisational Development Lead
      • Solu Plus / Quiddity – Higher Purpose Business Specialist / Business Performance Strategist
      • Offsite Human Resources – Joint Managing Director
      • TASA International – Partner with global executive search firm
      • Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce – 13 years on the Board, including 2 years as President and 2 years as Vice-President.

TAU Board of Governors

  • Keith Beville

  • David Dinte

  • Clive Donner

  • John Gandel, AC Hon.PhD. (TAU)

  • Jenny Hillman

  • Roslyn Kushinsky

  • John Landerer, AM, CBE

  • Dr. Gustav Lehrer, AM

  • Mark Leibler, AC

  • Sir Frank Lowy, AC

  • Roger Mendelson

  • Dr. Harry Perelberg

  • Rosie Potaznik

  • Evi Selwyn

  • Mr Andrew Whitten

  • Vivien Zimmet

  • Professor Paul Zimmet Hon.PhD. (TAU)

Honorary Governors

  • Gad Ben-Meir

  • Abe Monester, QC

  • The Hon Howard Nathan AM QC

  • Dr. Victor Wayne


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Study at TAU

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Study at TAU

Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime in a city where ancient history meets cutting-edge innovation?

The Lowy International School offers English-taught programs that give you access to the best of TAU’s top-tier academics and provides close connections to institutions and companies in Israel and worldwide. You’ll be able to enjoy all of this in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean city that never stops.

Why TAU?

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning; it is home to over 30,000 students studying in 9 faculties and over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and the arts.

Situated in Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural, financial and technological capital, TAU shares the city’s unshakable spirit of openness and innovation – and boasts a campus life as dynamic and pluralistic as the metropolis itself. Tel Aviv the city and Tel Aviv the university are one and the same – a thriving Mediterranean center of diversity and discovery.

The Lowy International School

Every year, Tel Aviv University hosts thousands of international students studying in English through The Lowy International School.

The school provides students with the choice of more than 60 academic programs that range from a semester, summer or year abroad to full degrees at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels as well as PhD and Post-Doctoral programs. All these programs are designed specifically for international students by The Lowy International School.


The Lowy International School programs are academically rigorous and culturally inspiring.

Consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world in terms of scientific citations and among the top 100 universities internationally, Tel Aviv University is also Israel’s first choice for students, and its graduates are the most sought after by Israeli companies. Global in outlook and impact, TAU advances teaching and research that break down the walls between disciplines, striving to address the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges through bold, interdisciplinary solutions.

Discover all the programs

Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad programs offer a transformative academic experience at TAU, coupled with Tel Aviv,  Israel’s internationally diverse cultural, commercial, and creative center. 

Choose from a semester abroad or a year abroad at Israel’s leading university and explore a range of academic and interdisciplinary programs taught by top-notch faculty. This Mediterranean city’s thriving spirit for discovery, innovation, and diversity makes it the perfect city for experiencing academic life and pursuing your passions

Read more

Short Term Programs

Dive into some of the hottest cutting-edge topics right in your classroom.

If you are ready to spend time this summer in Israel and are looking for a fantastic program or course to join, then TAUI’s Summer programs are the perfect fit for you! Choose from an extensive list of Summer Programs led by faculty and leading experts in the field.  Our students and professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and you will build lifelong connections while enjoying your time in the heart of Tel Aviv!

Did you know that The Lowy International School offers many summer scholarships? We strongly encourage all students to check out our scholarships page for more details and instructions on how to apply. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to study in the summer in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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Undergraduate Degrees

Our international Bachelor’s Degree programs combine first-class academics with eye-opening cultural and personal experiences.

Build a strong academic foundation in the first year and specialize towards the end of the program in a tailor-made degree to suit your specific interests. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, you’ll learn from highly experienced professors and researchers across different faculties, and debate issues with many other talented students from all over the world.

Explore the foundations of humanity where past and future meet, with a truly multidisciplinary approachdesigned to nurture grounded leaders and innovators.

Immerse yourself in different academic, social, and cultural environments attwoworld-renowned research universities.

Spend your first two years at Tel Aviv University, and your final two at Columbia University, located in the heart of New York City.


Study management and liberal arts in the academic core of the Start-Up Nation!

This 3-year dual degree will give you the tools to achieve not only as an excellent manager and innovator, but also as a well-rounded individual with a background in the liberal arts. 

Get a degree B.Mus. in four years, for instrumental and vocal departments, and truly learn to play the universal language of mankind.

Read more

Graduate Degree Programs

Delve deeper into your area of interest through one of our 15 international master’s programs.

Each program combines a rigorous core curriculum with a diverse offering of electives, allowing you to tailor your studies to your own interests while gaining advanced knowledge in your chosen field.

Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, with regular site visits, guest lectures, and excursions designed to give you access to the cutting edge of research and industry.

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Doctoral Programs Overview

Welcome to the next step in your academic journey!

As a PhD student at TAU, you will be joining a diverse international community of excellent scientists from all over the world. Join top-notch research teams led by world-renowned scholars who have significantly contributed to the advancement of knowledge in a variety of fields. PhD programs with infinite possibilities for interdisciplinary research collaborations are available in all of our faculties, entirely in English. 

With 125 research institutions, 400 labs, 3,500 annual projects, and over 1,000 full-time faculty members, TAU also enjoys extensive research contacts with leading academic and scientific institutions around the globe, including over 150 cooperation agreements with universities in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

At TAU you’ll build an exceptional network of researchers in academia and industry that you can refer to throughout your career. Located in the Non-Stop City of Tel Aviv, with its renowned range of cultural activities, cutting-edge technological startups, and marvelous beaches, there is no better place to discover the next stage of your academic career.

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Activities, Sport, Campus Life, Housing

Welcome to Tel Aviv University!

The Lowy International School is home to more than 2,500 students per year coming from all corners of the world. Together, they create a warm international community.

Whether you are looking for the suitable program to apply for, you are already accepted or you are a current student at TAU, we are happy to provide you of any information that you require.

You can also contact our International office for any additional questions.

Read more


Students who have been accepted by TAU for an exchange program but who have not yet commenced their studies are eligible to apply for scholarship support from AFTAU to be used for accommodation expenses up to a maximum of $2000. AFTAU exchange scholarship applications will be granted at the discretion of AFTAU.

  1. Scholarship support for students undertaking fee-paying courses at TAU – students wishing to attend or have been accepted for full fee paying courses at TAU, are eligible to apply for scholarship support. The support varies based on the duration of the course and its fees and will be assessed on an individual basis.
  2. Exchange Student Assistance –  for students enrolled at Australian universities undertaking exchange semesters at TAU.


For information regarding AFTAU Scholarships please contact us

All academic units & programs @ TAU

learn more …

Visit Tel Aviv University in a virtual campus tour

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TAU’s Uniform to University Scholarship Fund

TAU’s Uniform to University Scholarship Fund

When duty called, they came. Now, it’s up to us to help them return to class and become the bright future of Israel.

Over 6,600 Tel Aviv University students have been called to serve in the reserves and will need to transition back to the studies and lives they put on hold to defend their country. We must ensure that our returning students, our heroes, have the academic and financial assistance they need to succeed in their studies and fulfill their dreams. Help our students follow their true calling to become the professionals, scientists, and leaders of Israel’s future.

They risked their lives for us. Donate today to give back to them.

*$3800 will fund a full Uniform to University Student Scholarship for an academic year.

*$2300 will fund intensive, personalised academic tutoring for a single student for the year.

*$3800 will fund a full Uniform to University Student Scholarship for an academic year.

*$2300 will fund intensive, personalised academic tutoring for a single student for the year.

ABN 66 309 569 145  

Donations above $2 are tax deductible. 
Funds will be disbursed by AFTAU Welfare LTD in accordance with its deed.


  • Yonathan

    Age: 27
    Rank: Captain
    Military role: Tank platoon commander in Gaza
    Studies: BSc in Chemistry and Materials Science
    Calling: Researcher

    “You are too busy focusing on the mission and your team to even miss home – you don’t have that luxury.”

    Even before Yonatan was called up for reserve duty on Oct. 7, he rushed to join his unit in southern Israel. Yonatan was wounded in combat and is now recuperating at home in Tel Aviv. He is looking forward to resuming his TAU studies.

    “My goal is to become an R&D scientist in energy applications,” he says.

  • Carmel

    Age: 26
    Rank: Captain
    Military role: National Aid Battalion, Homefront Command
    Studies: BA Theater Arts
    Calling: Actress

    When Carmel got called up, she immediately headed to her base where she has served for three months straight assisting citizens affected by the war. “These are tough times for us,” Carmel says, “and we try to help as much as we can.”

    She’s looking forward to returning to studies and says that, with a little scholarship help, she will be able to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and “making people smile.”

  • Avraham

    Age: 31
    Rank: Major
    Military role: Company commander, Infantry
    Studies: BSc Electrical Engineering
    Calling: Inventor

    “We’ve been fighting for three months straight but I’m willing to pay this price.”

    Avraham studies electrical engineering as part of TAU’s Trailblazers Program, a specially tailored framework for students coming out of the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) educational system who wish to earn a university degree. His classmate in his BSc studies, Itzhak, also in Trailblazers, was his second-in-command in the combat in Gaza – “his being there with me gave me strength,” says Avraham.

    Originally from Tivon, Avraham parted from the Haredi community at age 23, in the middle of his military service as an officer. He says that engineering fascinates him, and that he dreams of inventing something that will improve people’s lives.

  • Gil

    Age: 32
    Rank: Sergeant First Class
    Military role: Combat soldier in Yahalom–Special Operations Engineering Unit
    Studies: MD + PhD
    Calling: Doctor & cancer researcher

    At the start of the war, Gil was urgently drafted to Gaza where he served with his unit for 40 days. They searched for, scanned and destroyed tunnels, bombed suspicious sites, dismantled explosives, and gathered intelligence – all under missile attacks and enemy gunfire.

    “More happened in three days of war than my entire three-and-a-half years of regular IDF service,” Gil says.

    Gil recounts that during missions, he thought about his family, his friends, his academic and medical pursuits and everything that he was defending. He believes Israel is strong and resilient, and looks forward to serving his country in another way – as a physician-scientist.

  • Omer

    Age: 26
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    Military role: Technology and Maintenance Corp
    Studies: BA Management & Economics
    Calling: Entrepreneur

    “When we were called to duty, it was very clear to me I needed to drop everything and show up.”

    Omer was on vacation in Eilat when Iron Swords broke out. He immediately left the beach behind to join his unit in the IDF reserve forces.

    Omer hopes to become an entrepreneur and make his mark on the Startup Nation.

    “It was a very uniting experience,” he says. “Although there has been so much sadness, we only have one country and I feel privileged to be part of defending it.”

  • Yarin

    Age: 25
    Rank: Captain
    Military role: Combat Engineering Frontline Unit HR Manager
    Studies: BSc Industrial Engineering
    Calling: Engineer


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75 for 75 Scholarship Campaign

Israel’s massive investment in education has been critical in successfully positioning the Jewish State as the “Startup Nation” in technology, innovation, agriculture, biomedicine, and many other areas.

Tel Aviv University has been a key driver in this growth and leadership over decades.

We invite you to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary with the gift of education by participating in our 75-for-75 scholarship campaign so that students like the ones below can fulfill their dreams of higher education.
We encourage you to watch their short videos so you can hear their personal stories and learn from them why providing financial support to worthy students is vital to strengthening Israel’s future.”


Meet Our Students

Growing up as the seventh of nine children in a single-parent family, Hodaya didn’t imagine a future that included higher education.
“Receiving a scholarship helped me believe that I deserve to be here, that TAU is my place, too.”

• • • Hodaya Levy Rublin


Click here to read the full story and a short video

A first-generation university student, Bat-El doesn’t take scholarship support for granted.
“My parents made aliyah from Ethiopia and they are so proud of me.”

• • • Bat El Bogala

Psychology & English Literature

Click here to read the full story and a short video

A native of Tzfat, Yakir hopes to use his lawyer skills to help workers from Israel’s social and geographic periphery.
“I want to put into practice what I’ve been planning for so long: to give back and effect positive social change.”

• • • Yakir Mazuz


Click here to read the full story

A father of baby triplets, David couldn’t finance his graduate studies alone.
“Scholarships help people change the world,” he says.

• • • David Bodenheim


Click here to read the full story and a short video

“I used to doubt that I would even graduate high school let alone enter university,” says Kochava, who is now part of the prestigious Schulich Leadership program.

• • • Kochava Pavlov

Math & Computer Science

Click here to read the full story and a short video

“I am one of many other students who wouldn’t be here without scholarship help. It’s 100% necessary and appreciated,” says Eitan, who arrived from Mexico and now lives in Israel.

• • • Eitan Rozen

Sofaer Global MBA

Click here to read the full story

Your valuable contribution will help those who need it most

Please make your tax-deductible donation here

or call (03) 9296 2066

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Scholarship Fund in memory of the late Walter Kastelan

AFTAU Scholarship Campaign

In memory of Walter Kastelan z”l

AFTAU Treasurer and TAU Governor

 The AFTAU Scholarship Fund has been established in honour of Walter’s passion for education and dedication to Tel Aviv University.

The Walter Kastelan Periphery Scholarship Fund launched in 2021, has boosted accessibility to higher education among Israelis from disadvantaged backgrounds and outlying communities.

The Periphery Program recruits high school students based on their achievements relative to their classmates, rather than on standardized admissions tests that pitch them against privileged peers from the country’s wealthier central region.

It provides financial, academic, emotional and social support alongside career and employment guidance. In return, students perform community service.

Your generous support can make a world of difference in securing a
brighter future for a disadvantaged student.

Scholarship Stories

Your valuable contribution will help those who need it most

Please make your tax-deductible donation here

or call (03) 9296 2066

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