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Open Day at Tel Aviv University

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Thanks to the Thousands of Curious and Effervescent Individuals who Came to Ask the Right Questions on Open Day.

Newcomers on Campus

On Friday, February 23, Tel Aviv University hosted its open day for undergraduate and graduate degrees on campus, attracting thousands of interested individuals who came to learn about admission conditions and registration process, meet with the academic and administrative staff and converse with veteran students from various fields of study that intrigued them.

This year, amid the war and for the first time in academia in Israel, Tel Aviv University presented special conditions for reservists and discharged soldiers recruited for an extended period and those from war-afflicted areas, offering admission routes to all study programs without psychometric testing, to enable their success.

The visitors participated in experiential tours during the open day among the faculties’ buildings and study departments, providing insight into various fields of study and glimpses into different laboratories. The first 200 registrants for studies on Open Day received a surprise—a pair of Saucony running shoes as a gift.

Among the most popular meetings were familiarization with Tel Aviv University’s innovative teaching methods, including experiencing virtual reality and workshops at the Consultation Center for choosing a profession and study path to students’ success. In addition, prospective students came to learn how to study a whole semester at leading universities abroad as part of the student exchange program and participated in a workshop at the campus Entrepreneurship Center, where they learned how to pursue their dream of a start-up even during their degree.

Exploring new horizons (Photo: Shlomi Mizrahi)

International Experience at TAU

The Lowy International School showcased Tel Aviv University’s extensive selection of English-taught degree programs. With over 20 graduate and four undergraduate offerings, the School presented a diverse array of academic options spanning various fields, including the newly launched MSc programs in Biomedical and Environmental Engineering.

Of particular interest to the Open Day visitors was the innovative academic track designed for Olim, enabling them to start their studies in English or French while simultaneously learning Hebrew. Prospective students also had the chance to explore the campus during a guided tour conducted in English by the outreach manager, Mr. David Ryan.

The Lowy International School’s team at the Open Day

Meanwhile, Israeli students seized the opportunity to learn more about student exchange possibilities available at TAU, leveraging over 70 exchange agreements with universities worldwide. They gained insights into the necessary steps for preparing for an exchange and discovered the numerous benefits associated with such international study experiences.

Giving a Fair Starting Point to Our Reservists

“This year, we faced a complex reality where many individuals interested in studies were recruited to reserves, yet we were delighted to see a campus full of curious individuals.”—Sharon Ariel, Marketing Manager at Tel Aviv University.

(Photo: Shlomi Mizrahi )

Ariel adds: “It was important for us to provide information about admission to Tel Aviv University, inviting everyone to come and gain added value from our campus experience in a maximal way. The tours and meetings in the faculties enabled them to hear about study programs from students, ask the right questions, get a close look at the laboratories, observe leading researchers in their fields conducting experiments, hear from lecturers and academic and administrative staff about all the study options and diverse programs, enter lecture halls for the first time, and stroll through the green paths among the buildings.

The easing plan we developed and are implementing this year for those recruited to reserves or affected during the war will also help new applicants start their studies on the right foot. Our students spend many hours here over several years during their degree, and on Open Day, we allow those considering studying here to feel almost like students”.

(Photo: Shlomi Mizrahi )

We were happy to host them all on our beautiful campus and we hope that together with us, hand in hand, prospective students will start their journey following the discoveries, inventions, and theories awaiting revelation. Hope to see you next year.

Couldn’t make it to Open Day and Interested in TAU’s International Track? All the information about admission pathways and what needs to be done to start studying at Tel Aviv University is available on the TAU International website >

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